We Are Now With You Via E-Commerce

With www.agropetmarket.com, launched on February 9, 2019, we are currently serving our users with approximately 2,000 kinds of products. We are constantly improving both our product portfolio and our technical infrastructure in order to always offer our users the most up-to-date and quality products at the most competitive prices.

As Agro Avrasya, we continue to serve our businesses in providing all kinds of equipment, projects and technical support needed in the correct maintenance and feeding areas in order to increase the efficiency in the farms.

We will continue to be with you with our mobile technical teams in order to better meet the needs and expectations of our medium and large-volume businesses and to develop a service-oriented working model.

In summary, we aim to create an economic platform with www.agropetmarket.com, Agro Avrasya brand, while targeting and positioning with a focus on medium, medium and A-class farms, large and small, supplying a wider range of quality products.