We supply best livestock breeds through our company in Europe

Livestock Trade


Evaluation and selection of the livestock breed by considering the climate and geographical position of the region and other main conditions are among the most important factors affecting the yield. We offer the processes of demand collection, obtaining the necessary permits, animal selection from abroad, post-import follow-up and feedback processes, which are important stages of the livestock import process, with a professional service understanding.

What we do within the scope of the service;

1. A quotation is sent and an agreement is sealed.

2. Agreement is signed between our company abroad, i.e. Celik Cesa Europe, Çelik Veteriner Ltd and the Customer.

3. The legal procedures are required for permission from the Ministry of the relevant country.

50% down payment is remitted. According to the quarantine situation, shipment is planned within the same week, within 6-7 weeks or within 8 weeks at the latest. Meanwhile, the remaining 50% is remitted directly into the supplier's account at least 1 week before the animals are shipped.

In addition to all these, the support of our mating program at the farms, hygiene management of the farms, nutrition, animal breeding and sustainable quality are maintained in a continuous manner.