We are working to contribute to the country's animal husbandry and economy with our existing experience and power.

Çelik Çesa Group, which has been institutionalised in the quality, healthy, stable and strong distribution and service network in the products it offers, has been continuing its successful work since 2003 by establishing cooperation with experienced and proven companies that aim to work with an authority, expert and technical team in their staff.

With the death of our group companies founder, Veterinarian Mevlüt Çelik, on December 7, 2015, the greatest achievement left to our institution and us is: the legacy.

It has been our greatest goal to maintain the priority of contributing to the farm owners due to the right service and the country's economy. Our main motto is to carry this heritage correctly, to take it further and to convey it to the next generations.

Our group, which is based on preventive medicine and started its activities in 2003 by the late Mr. Mevlüt Çelik, is honoured to offer the sector with high quality, proven benefits and safe specific products from home and abroad without avoiding any sacrifice.

We have started cooperation with Indian Immunologicals Ltd, which has international quality certificates such as G.M.P, G.L.P and T.U.V, which was established with the know-how of Wellcome on biological products.

We add value to the sector in terms of animal diseases with our vaccine portfolio, which we have achieved effective results in both cattle and small ruminants and pet animals, in the fight against viral and bacterial diseases, especially foot-and-mouth disease and rabies, which have been going on for many years in our country's livestock.

Increasing the productivity in the country's livestock is possible by increasing the genetic capacity. We believe that the genetics raised with cultural breeds such as Holstein, Simmental and Montofon in Türkiye will help the development of genetics with productive breeds combined with both milk and meat aspects for the breeding of native and hybrid breeds on a whole country basis.

While providing services in the field of Simmental, Brown Swiss and fattening breeds with the cooperation of Genetic Austria, which has successfully developed combined productive breeds in the world in the field of conscious breeding, since 2007, Masterrind GmbH, a subsidiary of Europe's largest breeder association, to offer superior German genetics to the country's livestock. We are also adding value to the sector with the international partner Masterrind Genetik Ltd, which we established in February 2017 as a result of our cooperation with the company (as Synetics as of October 2022). In this way, we continue our useful work in terms of logistics through our distribution channels to our producers in a sperm and embryo market style, and the selection of the "Right Bull" with our technical team.

We continue to offer the hygiene management package and Deosan products of the Diversey company, which is accepted as the world authority on healthy production and hygiene in the livestock sector, to the country's livestock.

Our activities continue at full speed in the areas of calf losses, Mastitis, foot and nail diseases, feed consumption problems and diseases that reduce the profitability of animal products, which have a direct impact on productivity in animal husbandry and which our country is struggling with in terms of the development of animal husbandry.

As Celik Cesa Group, as a continuation of our import, marketing and distribution activities in the entire Turkish market, in order to meet all the needs such as consumables, nutrition products, hygiene products, medical supplies and similar needs of our businesses in the field (except for vaccine, medicine, semen), veterinary retail markets. We take an active role by establishing the necessary logistics infrastructures in various regions of our country with the Agro Avrasya Pet Markets chain, the first of which is in Lüleburgaz and the second in Karacabey, we ensure that quality, right products meet the farm owners in the most economical conditions and on time. In this context, we are continuing our efforts to establish other branches.

Again, as Çelik Çesa Group, we provide professional livestock import services with the permission of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock to import animals that was issued in 2010. Our group, which attaches great importance to the selection of the right breed, the right livestock and the right genetics in our country, continues its imports since 2014 through our Group Member company, Celik Cesa Europe. Celik Cesa Europe continues its activities not only in livestock sales, but also in technical support and sustainable breeding depending on demand, thus contributing to the country's economy by maintaining our clear leadership in the import of breeding animals, and also exporting Turkish origin products to other countries, especially to Europe. .

With the investment of every penny earned from this sector in this sector, by following the developing world standards meticulously, delivering and using the advancing technology at every point of our country with precision, in this context, without compromising our quality policy, in line with our mission "preventive medicine", our country's livestock sector, with the support of you, our valuable business partners. , we are committed to serving for many more years.

Dervish Murat Celik

Veterinarian / Chairman of the Board