Don't Leave It to Chance in Choosing the Right Taurus!

Conscious Breeding

Animal breeding is an investment in the future for the development of good genetics with high yield characteristics. One of the most important issues in animal breeding is fertile animal breeds created in frozen semen control. Breeding of combined breeds increases the yield of the animal from a holistic perspective. Breeds bred with quality frozen semen are more efficient in terms of both milk and meat yield. Quality frozen semen is ensured by correctly performed progeny control activities.

Increasing The Overall Productivity At The Animal Farms

As Çelik Çesa Group, we believe that increasing the combined productivity in the livestock sector will be achieved by increasing the genetic capacity of our animals. In this regard, we have been working together with GENETIC-AUSTRIA since 2007, which is the company of the Austrian Breeding Association, which successfully carries out combined productive breed studies worldwide and has made the world adopt the "Austrian Simmental- Fleckvieh- Milk Simmental" phenomenon.

Don't Leave It to Chance in Choosing the Right Taurus!

Increasing the productivity of the livestock is possible by increasing the genetic capacity. Herds that are improved with the right selected quality frozen semen and embryos are more efficient in terms of both milk and meat yield.

We add value to the sector in conscious breeding with our ongoing cooperation with Genetic Austria GmbH, which has successfully developed the combined productive breed in the world, and Masterrind GmbH, which is a subsidiary of Europe's largest breeder association.

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Holstein Semen

We offer superior German genetics with the quality of Masterrind GmbH (Synetics), the largest in the world.

Simental Semen

We proudly present our Simmental semen with the quality of Genetic Austria from Austria, the homeland of the breed.

Brown Swiss (Montofon) Semen

We proudly present our Brown Swiss (Montofon) semen with Genetic Austria quality from Austria.

Other Breeds Semen

We also provide semen from other breeds based on demand, especially the fattening breeds.


Our special project-based work has started. After the preliminary work done by our expert technical staff, the most suitable embryo for transfer is supplied by us. You can contact our expert team for technical information about embryo transfer applications.

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